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10 Early Cancer Signs Men Need to Watch Out For


Cancer is one of the major causes of death in adult males in the United States. Although you probably eat well and exercise, like most men, you rarely or never visit the doctor.

Of course, a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk of developing certain cancers, but other factors such genes can play a bigger role. Sadly, once cancer spreads, it can be extremely difficult to treat.

One of the best ways to combat this scary disease is to detect it in the earliest stages, where it’s more treatable. But the problem is that the alarming signs for various cancers can be seemingly mild and thus easily ignored.

Every man should know about these 10 symptoms to watch out for. Some signs are solidly associated with cancer than others, but all are worth knowing and even discussing with your doctor.


Rectal Bleeding

An early symptom of rectal cancer is rectal bleeding, which is particularly worrying if the bleeding is prolonged or if the blood loss caused iron deficiency anemia. Blood may also be noticeable in your stools.

Even though there are other more common causes of rectal bleeding such as hemorrhoids, you should never attempt to diagnose yourself in case you’re experiencing these symptoms.

Consult your doctor instead. Generally, you should get colon cancer screenings on a regular basis starting at age 50.


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