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7 Unexpected Foods That Can Damage Your Skin


I have always heard dermatologists saying that the quality of the skin is related to the quality of food the person is consuming, but I have never bothered myself to follow their advice until one miserable morning!

I was terribly terrified when I looked in the mirror! My facial skin was too dry, itchy, irritated, and full of acne! So, you can imagine how stressful and miserable I felt!

However, on that particular day, I decided to make a change in my eating habits and lifestyle. The results were impressive and only then I fully realized that there are certainly some foods that we’d better eat in moderation as they can be really toxic and can damage our skin!



Alcohol is one of the drinks that you’d better avoid. According to Michaella Bolder, who is a skin expert, drinking alcohol can make you suffer from several side effects that can have a negative effect on your skin and overall health.

Drinking alcohol can promote the disruption of the hormones, which in return result in skin breakouts and leave you with annoying acne all over your face. Alcohol can also weaken your immune system and lead to skin dehydration. Therefore, you end up feeling and looking puffy.

Still, you can avoid all these undesirable effects by limiting your alcohol intake, and even better don’t drink it at all!



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