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8 Warning, Hidden Signs Of A Brain Tumor You Should Know


The American Society of Clinical Oncology revealed some shocking facts about brain cancer and tumors. In fact, they have reported that this deadly disease is the 10th most common cause of death for both sexes in the United States where more than 16,000 people will die because of it!

What’s even more shocking is that this serious health issue is really scary as it’s quite hard to diagnose.

This scary disease comes with symptoms that are so much like other everyday ailments, which makes it hard to be noticed. However, there are some early, warning signs that can help you decide whether you need to pay your doctor a visit for a workup or not!


Constant headaches and chronic migraines can occur as a result of many other factors, among which is a brain tumor. The truth is that it is really confusing and even hard for doctors to tell whether the headaches you are suffering from are normal or serious ones. That’s why it is important to never ignore your pain and seek your doctor’s help if your headaches seem never to go away.

According to Mike Chen, who is an associate professor at the division of neurosurgery in the department of surgery at the City of Hope, the best and most effective indicator for brain tumors are those continuous and painful
chronic headaches that you have on a daily basis and which you cannot prevent with medicines or any other treatment.

Chen added that these headaches caused by brain tumors seem to get worse day after day and often occur when you wake up in the mornings! Of course, the pain differs according to the size or the rate growth of the tumor.

Santosh Kesari, a neuro-oncologist at John Wayne Cancer Center in Santa Monika, California also said that the size of the brain tumor can greatly affect the pain intensity. Therefore, a giant tumor would normally cause a severe pain than the slow-growing tumor.

Since it’s really hard to differentiate between types of headaches, cancer doctors recommend that you pay attention to those constant, continuous headaches that seem to never respond to powerful pain meds. So, if you are suffering from this kind of headaches, it’s time to go for a checkup.



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